Spring Board and Lockscreen Widget Setup: (For iAppleWood)
GPS Weather:
Directions for My Location. copyright - MamaJaay:

Ok, lets see if we can get you going:

First lets uninstall the MyLocation through cydia, if you have that option. Then reboot.

If you didn't install through Cydia and just downloaded the .deb file then on your phone, go to /Applications and delete the "MyLocation.app" folder.

Now go to /var/mobile and set the permissions for the "Documents" folder. Click on the blue arrow on the right side of the "Documents" folder and set hierarchy to ON, change "Ownership" to mobile & mobile and change "Access Permissions" to read, write and execute for all three.

Now go to /var/mobile/Documents and delete "locationPath.txt" & "myLocation.txt" files if they exist, if you have a "MyLocation.deb" delete it also. Then reboot again.

Now you should be clean and are ready to install.

There are two methods in this guide choose ONLY ONE.

Download the update from this link:

MyLocation Upadated for 5.1.x

Open in iFile.
Install the deb


Proceed to step "A" below

Credits to Creator: Bushe


Browse to /var/root/Media/
1. Create a new folder called Cydia
2. Inside the new Cydia folder, create a folder called AutoInstall ( make sure you create these folders exactly as you read them here. The names are case-sensitive. )

3.download this MyLocation Upadated for 5.1.x

Copy the .deb file from that link into AutoInstall folder
5.respring your iDevice.
6. Proceed to step "A" below

A) Open the "Settings" app and go to "Location Services". Make sure it is turned on and that you see "MyLocation" in the list. You can turn it to "On" if it is off.

B) Now open the MyLocation app and turn "sig. change" to on and then close it.

C) Select your favorite GPS Mod in Winterboard.

D) respring

Using Wallpaper JPEGifier: download from Cydia. Once installed, select your wallpaper from Settings App - Wallpaper. Respring.

Spring Board and Lockscreen Widget Setup: (For Hypnotiq and iApplesauce)
In the Setup folder in the LS or SB widget there's a config.js file, edit that.

How to get the Yahoo Weather Code:
Go to yahoo.com, enter your code, click go, then the number that's at the end of the url is in the address bar is the number to copy and paste.

How to remove the date and time on the lockscreen? Download Lockscreen Clock Hide, free from Cydia.

If you're new to jailbreaking and winterboard, to edit Theme files I use iFile, available thru Cydia. (navigate to /var/stash/Themes/)
For moving your icons around for the spring board widgets, you can use iBlank (free) or Gridlock (paid), both available thru Cydia.

For other information or user made icons and such please visit MacCiti or Modmyi:
iApplesauce: MacCiti (HD Version) | MacCiti (SD Version) | MMI (HD version) | MMI (SD version)
Hypnotiq: MacCiti | MMI (HD version) | MMI (SD version)
Hot Pink/Teal: MacCiti | MMI